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  • Logosynthesis in Relationships

    An Online Workshop with Dr. Willem Lammers

    May 10, May 31, June 21, 2021, 16:00-18:00 CET (Zurich, Rome, Paris)

    Registration Deadline Sunday, May 2, 2021

    The Theme

    “It is not good for man to be alone,” is already stated in the first Book of Genesis. God saw the problem and solved it for Adam by creating Eve. This was the beginning of a long story, which proved that the problem couldn’t be solved once and for all.

    When relationships are working well, they offer a deep level of joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Your life energy flows freely, and you feel like walking on a path of trust. If the flow of energy in your most important relationships is slowed down or blocked, this can have serious consequences for all areas of life.

    The Context

    Relationships have important biological, mental, and societal functions, some of which are directly opposed to others. They vibrate between stability and change. If there is too much stability, we become bored. If there is too little, you’ll feel insecure. Therefore relationships are very susceptible to dissociative mechanisms. Real, living relationships exist in the here-and-now, in the awareness of Essence, the source of your life energy, and the Matrix, the environment you have chosen to develop your consciousness. Dissociative mechanisms will limit your awareness of the others in your life. Emotions, thoughts, fantasies and physical sensations will serve as signals, alerting you to disruptions between your Essence and the people around you.

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