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  • An Online Workshop with Dr. Willem Lammers

    May 10, May 31, June 21, 2021, 16:00-18:00 CET (Zurich, Rome, Paris)

    Registration for this group is closed

    The Theme

    “It is not good for man to be alone,” is already stated in the first Book of Genesis. God saw the problem and solved it for Adam by creating Eve. This was the beginning of a long story, which proved that the problem couldn’t be solved once and for all.
    When relationships are working well, they offer a deep level of joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Your life energy flows freely, and you feel like walking on a path of trust. If the flow of energy in your most important relationships is slowed down or blocked, this can have serious consequences for all areas of life.

    The Context

    Relationships have important biological, mental, and societal functions, some of which are directly opposed to others. They vibrate between stability and change. If there is too much stability, we become bored. If there is too little, you’ll feel insecure. Therefore relationships are very susceptible to dissociative mechanisms. Real, living relationships exist in the here-and-now, in the awareness of Essence, the source of your life energy, and the Matrix, the environment you have chosen to develop your consciousness. Dissociative mechanisms will limit your awareness of the others in your life. Emotions, thoughts, fantasies and physical sensations will serve as signals, alerting you to disruptions between your Essence and the people around you.
    “Your partner is your mirror. Except for the way you perceive him, he doesn’t even exist for you. He is who you see he is, and ultimately it’s just you again, thinking. It’s just you, over and over and over and over, and in this way you remain blind to yourself and feel justified and lost. To think that your partner is anything but a mirror of you is painful. You don’t see your partner; you just see what you believe about him. So when you see him as flawed in any way, you can be sure that that’s where your own flaw is. The flaws have to be yours, because your the one projecting them.”
    — Byron Katie

    The Program

    This three-session online workshop is designed to restore the energy flow in your closest relationships.
    Logosynthesis® in Relationships will help you to:
    • Assess the potential and the limitations in the relationships with people close to you
    • Explore expectations towards and from those people
    • Find out the role of these relationships in the context of your purpose in this life
    • Explore how relationship patterns were created in your life
    • Learn to detect disturbances in the flow of your life energy in your closest relationships
    • Resolve these disturbances, review your relationship patterns, and restore your contact with Essence in the context of what we call the Matrix.
    The content of the sessions will be entirely determined by the participants’ own issues in the field of close relationships: partners, parents, children and friendships. Dr. Lammers will offer opportunities to understand, address and process these issues at a deep level and to dissolve energy structures associated with them. We will work with the whole range of the Logosynthesis protocols at the Practitioner level. Short content presentations will support your process of learning and development. After your registration you will receive an article that invites you to reflect your own relationship patterns and to prepare for the three sessions.

    The Format

    The workshop consists of three 2-hour online sessions with Dr. Willem Lammers. Each session will encourage open sharing by group members regarding relationship issues in the broadest sense, which will be addressed using Logosynthesis techniques in the wider context of the Logosynthesis model. Each session will consist of three or four sequences of Logosynthesis work on an issue brought in by a member of the group. Topics can be sent to the trainer before the session or may arise and be processed during the workshop. After each sequence, you are invited to share your experience and to ask questions about the method, theory and philosophy of Logosynthesis, to deepen your understanding of what you have perceived and experienced.
    The process of the group is supported by a dedicated Facebook group for the participants of this program. Participants can meet in practice groups of 3 or 4 between sessions, as in Logosynthesis Practitioner training seminars.

    Who leads the workshop?

    Dr. Willem Lammers, TSTA, is a psychologist, psychotherapist and coach for individuals and organizations. For many years he has led ias, a leading training institute in the field of work related counseling in Switzerland. Since the beginning of his professional development, Willem has worked at the boundaries of body, mind and spirit. He is trained in bioenergetics, transactional analysis, gestalt therapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR and energy psychology. He is an experienced lecturer and trainer. In 2005 he discovered the principles of Logosynthesis and since he has dedicated his time, experience, knowledge and energy to develop and spread this beautiful model.

    Who is invited?

    This workshop is open to all who are interested in a healthy approach relationships. However, it is worthwhile if you are familiar with the basics of Logosynthesis, through personal work with a practitioner, from training seminars or from books about the subjects. If you have any questions about participating in this workshop, you can contact us through the contact form on this website. In preparation, we recommend Dr. Willem Lammers’ book Discover Logosynthesis®. The Power of Words in Healing and Development.
    Please realize that this workshop doesn’t offer a replacement for individual psychotherapy or counseling.




    Dates and times

    Each workshop consists of three sessions of two hours each, with two weeks between sessions, on Mondays: May 10, May 31, June 21, 2021. The sessions will take place 16:00-18:00 CET (Vienna, Rome, Amsterdam, Zurich time, GMT+1).
    The time of the day guarantees maximal accessibility for most time zones in which Logosynthesis is spreading now.


    We will work with zoom.us, for which you need to open a free account. Download the app or install a plugin for your browser. It works best for all if everybody uses a headset instead of built-in microphones and speakers.


    Sessions will be recorded, and attendees will receive a download link after each session. Participants of our previous workshops have appreciated the opportunity to study the session recordings. Recordings will be downloadable for one week.


    The costs will be CHF 149.- for three sessions. 1 Swiss franc roughly corresponds with 1 USD or EUR 0.90.
    Registration is closed.
    Please add the event code with your registration: Relationships Workshop O21.R1.
    After registration and payment, you will receive a confirmation mail in a few days.
    Please use the link above and don’t change it.  Payments in other currency or with wrong amounts will be returned.
    Please note that correspondence from our side will use the mail address you paid through, unless you send us another address.
    With your registration you will receive the Zoom link to connect with us at the time of the session.

    Deepen your understanding in this unique opportunity to work with the founder of Logosynthesis!

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