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    Imagine saying a simple sentence and feeling how fear, anger or shame are being pulled out of your system. Imagine how the causes of pain and sorrow stop hurting you.

    Logosynthesis is an amazing new system of healing and guided change. It uses the manifesting power of words and phrases to resolve negative beliefs, to let go of fear and trauma, and to lift the burden of grief or physical pain.

    Dutch/Swiss psychologist Dr. Willem Lammers has transformed ancient knowledge and modern theory into an elegant model for guided change, for personal and spiritual development: Logosynthesis..

    You can apply Logosynthesis to work with clients in coaching, counselling and psychotherapy or as a method of self-coaching to resolve blocks in your relationships and on the way to your goals. Logosynthesis can also help you to neutralise disturbing memories and fantasies.

    Logosynthesis: Change your Self through the Magic of Words