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  • Power Your Practice, Boost Your Business: a Mission Lab

    What Is this Online Workshop about?

    Many people experience difficulties in starting or expanding their own business. They’re told all the time that you can if you want, but in reality anybody who starts a practice or a business will meet many difficulties in the real world. These are difficult enough, but possible to overcome.
    However, there may be another type of problem that may undermine your motivation and your creativity before and after the start of your business.
    It’s the fact that a business creates stress, and that stress can activate archaic patterns of inability, powerlessness, apathy, anxiety, shame, sadness and anger.
    If these useless coping mechanisms sound familiar to you, it makes sense to resolve them if you want your practice or business to become really successful.


    What’s the Purpose?

    You‘ll learn to recognise and resolve limiting beliefs about:
    • Taking your destiny in your own hands
    • Creating a meaningful life
    • Starting a business, your own business
    • Making Money.


    How Do We Work?

    This is an experiential workshop, in which the theory and methods of Logosynthesis can help you to identify and resolve limiting patterns, clearing the way for a business that meets your mission in life.
    We will use presentations, exercises, and homework assignments to resolve frozen patterns and raise your courage in the service of your mission. Demonstrations will serve you in the resolution of personal blocks, as a subject and through observation of the process.


    What Are the Dates and Times?

    • Three two-hour online sessions on September 4, September 18 and October 9, 2018
    • 4:00-6:00pm Zurich, Vienna, Amsterdam time. Find your time


    Who Is the Trainer?

    Dr. Willem Lammers is a Dutch-born, Swiss-based psychologist, psychotherapist, coach and supervisor with 40+ years of experience in the field. In the last twelve years he developed Logosynthesis after a life-long quest for a gentle, effective and efficient healing system that respects our true nature.


    What do I need to know?

    Previous knowledge of Logosynthesis is not necessary to participate in this workshop. However, to increase your return on investment, you can read Laurie Weiss’ book Letting It Go or Willem Lammers’ book Self-Coaching with Logosynthesis.


    Which Technology Will We Use?

    We‘ll use the Zoom technology, with an opportunity to access the recordings after the sessions. Before the workshop you will receive a link through which you can use zoom.us, which is a user-friendly, reliable software for this purpose. If you participate please also register for a free account at zoom.us. On mobile devices you can use the Zoom app. Please use a headset to avoid noise and echo caused by your computer audio.


    How do I register?

    You register by paying the fee for the workshop through a paylink.

    • Attending the workshop costs €120: Register
    • Attending the workshop with access to the session recordings costs €180: Register
    • After registration you receive a confirmation mail and technical details.