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    In this book, Dr. Willem Lammers, the founder of Logosynthesis, offers you a peek over his shoulder into the intimate environment of his consulting room. This book reveals the transformational power of Logosynthesis, enabling deep change in small, effective steps.

    This precious little book will help you in translating the simple, elegant principles of Logosynthesis into daily practice. It contains concrete examples from daily practice, addressing a wide variety of clients’ issues. Each chapter has been written immediately after a live session with the purpose of widening and deepening the skills and insights of professionals using Logosynthesis in coaching, counseling, psychotherapy, and education.

    As a reader, you will be inspired by the wealth of possible approaches to everyday sources of distress, and you will discover unexpected ways out of seemingly hopeless life situations.


    What do all these stories have in common? They show a model in action, a model that helps people to resolve the impact of traumatic events, to restore trust, and to find clarity, creativity, a sense of joy and a new meaning in life.
    For those exploring the Logosynthesis model of guided change as an option for their professional practice, this book answer the questions:
    1. What is the scope of possible Logosynthesis applications?
    2. How deep or far can healing and development go with the help of this energy model?
    3. How long does it take with Logosynthesis to experience transformation?

    At the beginning of the book the Logosynthesis Basic Procedure is described in a concise and elegant manner. This consistent and solid protocol has been applied to work through the 48 case examples in this book. If you’re a professional in guided change who’s interested in learning Logosynthesis, you will benefit from these real life examples. They will serve you in understanding a client’s presenting issues into energy concepts. These stories will walk you through the application of the model and help you to accomplish ways of healing and development that may appear as a miracle—to the untrained eye.

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