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  • Did Logosynthesis with a new client with writer’s block yesterday (she was in a pretty serious crisis…her therapist of 4 years died in the early spring, and she’s a professional journalist for a major newspaper plus writes novels > going downhill for 3 months).  Started with some intro energy work (TAT, TAB) to get her anxiety down.  Then, did Logosynthesis around the loss (therapist and ability to write, plus sense of self), feeling overwhelmed, self-judging.  After the Logosyn, we didn’t have much time to talk about what happened, so I’m not sure exactly how the issues were resolved, except she felt calm and relieved.

    I asked her about making another appt.   She said: “Let’s do 2 weeks as I’ll be spending this coming week writing my feature article.”  So easy…we hadn’t even talked about the outcome of the Logosynthesis really…no drama…no wordy explanation, just moving on to write again…after 3 months of pure hell.  Let’s see what happens next.  It’s real important that I not become her next therapist of 18 years!  However, the previous one seems to have done good work, but the client was totally convinced the therapist was pulling the strings.  We made a bit of a dent in that belief too.

    Thanks again for your profound and elegant method, Willem.

    Pat Esborg