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  • The Path of the Bond: Logosynthesis in Relationships
    You are not alone. You live in relationships, in communities and in a society, which fulfil biological and psychological needs. You meet new people, you’re with them and you say goodbye, you have to – for many reasons.

    Your way of being in relationships is determined by your role models and by your own experiences in the past. Trauma and nostalgia can create templates for patterns in feeling, thinking and behaviour that stand in the way of healthy relationships in the here-and-now. Loving parents and the experience of support in difficult situations can help you to build relationships in which you can love – in giving and receiving. You look at the future with confidence or with irrational fears and hopes.

    This Advanced Seminar in Logosynthesis teaches the identification and resolution of blocks in relationships and helps you create a space for love in the here-and-now, for yourself and for your clients.