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  • The Path of Courage: Logosynthesis with Trauma and Fear
    Trauma and stress are part of life, but abuse, violence and overwhelming pain can leave deep scars – people tend to fear and avoid what has hurt them in the past.
    Healthy coping with stressful events enables people to process traumatic events from the past, to fully live in the present and to carefully manage future risks. Logosynthesis offers powerful instruments to process the painful past and to open new perspectives.
    This Advanced Seminar in Logosynthesis is designed to serve your own process of professional, personal and spiritual development. This will help you to improve your potential to support your clients on their path in life. You will explore what hurt you in the past and you’ll find ways to heal those wounds of the past with the help of Logosynthesis, in conjunction with recent insights in trauma theory and neuro-science.