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An Online Workshop with Dr. Willem Lammers

Wednesdays, February 3, February 17, March 10, 2021

16:00-18:00 CET (Zurich, Amsterdam, Vienna). 


The Theme

The two most important questions in your life are:

  1. What are you here for in this life?
  2. What is keeping you from living that purpose?

Some people are not aware that they have a mission in life. Their lives are structured and organized by the codes of the Matrix, the total of the socio-energetic fields that create your environment. They live their lives according to those codes, but once they have learned and practiced them they start to notice and experience a feeling of emptiness. At first sight, everything seems to be o.k., but something is missing that keeps them from really enjoying their lives.

Other people are aware of what they’re for, but they don’t manage to realize it. They cannot connect to the resources that are available in the Matrix: They miss the power, the skills, the education, or the money to realize their potential, and they are feeling lonely and envious towards those who seem to be successful on this planet.

Most people move back and forth between those extremes. Sometimes they are aware of what’s most important in this life, and sometimes they feel disconnected from everybody and everything.

A basic assumption in Logosynthesis states that you enter life on this planet with a mission, your mission. In everyday life it’s not so simple to discover that mission and to find a form to live it. To fulfill your mission it is not only necessary to be connected to your Essence. You also need to be in close contact to the Matrix, because it contains the material, biological, and psychological resources you need to create a meaningful life.

Your Free Self is connected to Essence, the vertical dimension, as well as to the Matrix, the horizontal dimension. Your life only make sense with a connection in both directions, without tipping into either an esoteric or a materialist position.

This online course is designed to help you discover your meaning and your potential on the one side – from Essence – as well as the resources to realize your potential in this life – in the Matrix.


The Program

This online workshop is designed to help you to explore, understand your mission in life and to resolve blocks on your path. In this process of finding and implementing your mission, different aspects of your Self are involved. In our approach it’s crucial to understand the polarity between the involved parts and respect each of them in their own right, to be able to reach a long term change in managing time and tasks.

We’ll work with presentations and guided imagery to provide input to get your own quest going, and in each session a few participants will receive an opportunity to address their personal key questions, thereby inspiring those who look and listen.


The Format

Three two-hour sessions will offer you an introduction to the background and the dynamics of finding your mission, with exercises that will help you to explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors when you’re caught up in the daily process of discovery and feedback.


Your Guide

Willem Lammers, MSc, DPsych, TSTA, is the founder and developer of Logosynthesis®. He is a psychologist, a licensed psychotherapist, a coach and a consultant to people and organizations. He is also the founding director of ias, a leading training institute for workplace counseling in Switzerland.


The Group

As a participant, you’re familiar with the basics of Logosynthesis, from having worked with a Practitioner, from training seminars, or from reading at least one of Willem Lammers’ books on Logosynthesis. If you have any questions about attending this workshop, please contact the staff through the contact form on this website. For this workshop we recommend reading Willem Lammers’ 2020 book: „Discover Logosynthesis.“ This will help us to stay on the same page when it comes to the Logosynthesis model. If you’re in training as a Practitioner in Logosynthesis®, this workshop will deepen your understanding of the content of The Path of the Will.


Structure and Organization


We will work with Zoom, a video-conferencing service you’re probably familiar with. If not, you need to open a free account. Download the app on your IOS or Android device or install a plugin for your browser. It works best for all if everybody uses a headset instead of built-in microphones and speakers. Shortly before the session, you will receive your Zoom link to establish the connection.


Date and Time

The program consists of one two-hour session in two slots, with a short break, on Wednesdays, February 3, February 17, March 10, 2021, 16:00-18:00 CET (Zurich, Paris, Vienna). The Zoom connection will open at 15:45. Find your time zone.


Fee and Registration

To enable more people to register in times of corona, we have reduced our fee significantly. The costs will be CHF 139.- for three sessions. 1 Swiss franc roughly corresponds with 1 USD or EUR 0.90. Please pay only in Swiss francs. Payments in other currencies will be returned.

You register by paying the fee in Swiss francs through this link. Please add the event code with your registration: O21.M1.

Registration will close after January 24, 18:00 CET.


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