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  • I saw a patient this morning who I have been working with off and on for 15 years.  He is 37 and has had a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder with psychosis with his first episode occurring  prior to my beginning with him.  He has just spent a year in hospital and another 6 weeks in a day treatment program.  He was terrified to leave the hospital and prior to hospitalization developed severe agoraphobia, not willing to leave his apartment unless accompanied by a friend.  He has had a variety nameless terrors and bizarre ideas, and grandiose delusions at times. Since childhood has felt strange and different from others often believing he was more clever.  Over the years I have maintained a good working relationship with him.  I’ve used  a variety of treatment methods, including Redecision Therapy, EFT, CFQ and Logosysnthesis.  I’d helped him get a university degree, to start his own business (which he lost during the hospital era) etc.  However, I’ve not been able to help him modify this recurrent pattern of manic psychosis.

    This morning may have seen a breakthrough.  He reported that whn he heard the word “psychosis” he got a feeling of having a separate body not quite fitting within his body.  I did I retrieve/I remove for that.  He said he felt a little bit more centred, but not much.  He continued to talk about his experience and mentioned that he experienced gaps in time.  He gave an example, pointing to a cup on my desk, saying that if he were to look back it would seem to be in a different place than before, as if someone or some force had moved it.  He went on to describe this experience happening frequently especially when he went out of his apartment.  He would walk by a blank wall and the next time he looked there would be graffiti sprayed on it.

    We identified the problem as being “gaps” in his experience.  We did Logosynthesis for  this and he got a much deeper sense of relief, but still not complete.  He requested that I do a brief period of CFQ healing which was accompanied by considerable motor release.

    As he left the office he seemed much more confident, erect and in his body.  My experience of this session was that a signicant shift had occurred and a lot of the bizarreness now make sense as a form of dissociation.  I’ll keep you posted as to followup.

    Curtis Steele