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  • Logosynthesis Master Lab 2022, in English,
    with Dr. Willem Lammers

    Monday,  April 4 to Friday, April 8, 2022, Epe, Netherlands.

    What will you experience and learn at this  Master Lab?

    This Logosynthesis Master Lab is a week-long event meant for certified Practitioners and Master Practitioners in Logosynthesis who want to develop their awareness, knowledge, and skills in Logosynthesis at the next level. They know that personal growth and spiritual development are not only connected to raising their own frequency , but also to increasing their field strength in the Matrix, the hidden energy  fields that build our society and keep it together.
    This event will create a space for your own process,  and it will also offer opportunities for the development of the Logosynthesis community, either in building informal networks or crystallized in committees and organizations, creating a stream of consciousness in which people work together for the common good.
    You will increase your awareness of your mission, as well of the Matrix, the environment your Essence has chosen to fulfill this mission: your body, your mind, and the fields of your social and cultural environment.

    What does this mean for you?

    As a certified professional in Logosynthesis, you are aware that any personal and spiritual development starts with  freeing your Self. Your Free Self carries your mission into the Matrix, with Logosynthesis to assist you on your life path.
    You’re willing to explore a space beyond your comfort zone, a space in which you can discover and become the human being you are meant to be.
    You want to overcome the limitations set by your body, your mind, and the world around you. You have known from the beginning of your life that you’re here for a reason, and that reason has become apparent as an awareness of your mission in this world.


    The Training Environment

    It’s my intention to offer an open space in time, a safe environment to explore on your own, together with people with whom you share interests, and along with people with whom you share a common task, in the frame of the Logosynthesis International Association, of a sister organization or in other formal or informal roles.
    1. The core of the program will consist of five three-hour plenary  sessions on five days, with me as a guide, with the sole purpose of exploring your patterns in love, work, health and wealth, and of resolving those patterns wherever they’re in the way.
    2. A second element will be formed by meetings of practice groups of three or four, in the afternoon or the early morning. In these sessions, you will deepen and widen your experiences in the large group, with the help of the empathy and competence of the others in this practice group. These meetings are self-organized and last one hour, in the familiar 20-20-20 format.
    3. As a third element, you will spend time on your own, in the service of your Free Self. Being in nature will inspire or challenge you to move beyond the boundaries of your daily life, and it’s essential to create a space for exploring this on your own.
    4. In a fourth part of the program, you can meet with other attendees to reflect on your roles in the Logosynthesis community, in the LIA board, in committees, or in the M21 system. Often the time for a joint, strategic reflection is rare, and this week will provide you with opportunities to explore the past as well as the future of the organizations you’re part of. You can also explore ideas and options for your own business as a Master Practitioner, Instructor, or Trainer.


    Your Preparation

    We recommend you to brush up your knowledge of Logosynthesis by re-reading my books, especially the latest ones in the Logosynthesis Live series. We will again create a dedicated Facebook group to support you in the time before the event. We will ask questions, give homework assignments, and we will post recent developments in Logosynthesis so that you will already arrive well-prepared. That Facebook group will also provide the latest information about the details of your stay and suggestions for your visit to the Netherlands.

    Your Guide

    Willem Lammers, the founder and developer of Logosynthesis. In the Master Lab, it will be my role to create a safe, protected environment to guide you, to become more aware. I will work with the entire range of interventions of the Logosynthesis model in a way that fits your process. You can expect a whole gamut of new techniques, especially related to Willem’s new book on Logosynthesis and the energy of beliefs.


    Program Details

    The structured program will consist of five half-day sessions, on Monday afternoon, 14:30-18:00, April 4, and on the mornings of Tuesday-Friday, April 5-8, 9:30-12:30. You can arrive earlier or stay longer if this fits your plans.


    The Venue

    Villa Heidebad, Molenweg 6, Epe (NL). The hotel can be easily reached from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport by train. You’ll be picked up by a hotel shuttle at the railway station ‘t Harde between Amersfoort and Zwolle. The hotel conference package with a single room, a health breakfast, a mediterranean lunch buffet, a gourme three-course dinner, breaks, and use of all hotel facilities costs EUR 897.50 from Monday to Friday, to be paid at the hotel on departure. You can book additional nights with breakfast separately with the hotel.


    The Fee

    The fee for this Master Lab with the founder of Logosynthesis is CHF 750. This matches the fee of the international Logosynthesis Summer Academy. Participants from developing countries can apply for a discount code.


    Your Registration

    If you accept my invitation, please use the following link: https://doodle.com/poll/eeahqkyc7uhab86e. After registration, you’ll receive a paylink.

    Join us!