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  • What is Countertransference?

    Countertransference can be defined as a professional’s entire physical, cognitive and behavioral reactions to a client system during coaching, counseling, psychotherapy and training. If you are a professional in Logosynthesis, countertransference is an extremely important aspect of the working alliance with your client. Being aware of it can reduce distress for yourself and help you to use it in the service of the healing and development of the client. If you’re not aware of countertransference, it will stand in the way of your client’s process and will increase the level distress you’re experiencing in your work with clients.


    Content of the Session

    In this two-hour online workshop, Dr. Willem Lammers will present an introduction to transference and countertransference. With regard to countertransference we will explore three dimensions:
    1. complementary – concordant
    2. proactive – reactive
    3. positive –negative.

    The presentation will also include several ways to recognize and manage these dimensions in your practice. This will increase the efficacy and efficiency of your work as a professional with Logosynthesis.

    During and after the presentation there will be opportunities to discuss the material with the participants of the workshop group.

    Date and time

    Tuesday, September 1, 2020.
    The session will take place at 16:00-18.00, Vienna, Rome, Amsterdam, Zurich time (GMT+1). This time of the day guarantees maximal accessibility for most time zones in which Logosynthesis is spreading now.


    Target group

    You are a professional in counseling, coaching, psychotherapy, psychiatry or education. The minimum group size is 8.

    To participate you must have attended a Logosynthesis Basic seminar, a Logosynthesis Online Introduction  and/or have read Willem Lammers’ Logosynthesis Handbook.


    We will work with zoom.us, for which you need to open a free account. Download the app or install a plugin for your browser. It works best for all if everybody uses a headset instead of built-in microphones and speakers.



    The session will be recorded and made available to members of the group. Recordings will downloadable for one week.



    The fee will be CHF 50.- for this two-hour session. 1 Swiss franc roughly corresponds with 1 USD or 0.95 EUR.
    You register and pay at the same time through this link. Please add the event code with your registration: O20.C1
    After payment, you will receive a confirmation mail. Shortly before the session, you will receive the Zoom link to connect.
    If you don’t send us another address, the mail address that is used for your payment is also used for our communication with you.
    Please realize that this is a unique opportunity to work immediately with the founder and developer of Logosynthesis. Once the group is full, it’s full.


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