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  • One particularly dramatic case was of a young woman with an extremely intense lifelong phobia of blood, medical procedures and needles etc. This was so severe that if needles or other fears were even talked about, she would faint! Unfortunately this client had a number of cysts in her lower spine, where they had been growing for several years, but she was unable to undergo surgery because of her phobia, inspite of increasing pain and disability.
    I initially used EFT and emotrance to treat her widespread fears and by all normal standards made good progress over seven sessions. However  quite marked anxiety still remained, and on returning from your workshop i introduced her to logosynthesis. She repeated the sentences only once, looked very confused and` said’its gone’ I being equally puzzled said ‘What’s gone?’  She replied that the fear had dissapeared completely. She made the interesting observation that with EFT, although the anxierty faded, she remained uncertain whether it would really have improved when she faced the real situation. However with logosynthesis she knew with certainty that it had gone. I must have spent a total of about 45 minutes dealing with related issues connected with her phobia, and that was all the treatment she recieved. I next hear that she has gone in to hospital and had the cysts removed successfully. She came to see me a couple of weeks ago to tell me of her experience. She said that amazingly she had enjoyed the experience of going into hospital and having surgery. By this she meant that to be able to do it was so unimaginable prior to logosynthesis that  she felt pleased and proud to be able to handle the experience like other people. I have asked her to write an account of her experiences as she has some interesting things to say.
    Once again i am amazed at how these processes can be so simple, yet effective. Thanks Willem, for continuing to develop your ideas and passing them on to us.
    With warmest wishes,

    Peter Leakey