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  • An online workshop with Dr. Willem Lammers

    March 4, 2021, 16:00-18:00 CET (Zurich, Vienna, Berlin, UTC+1)

    Registration will close on Sunday, February 28, 18:00 CET.


    What is the theme?

    “If you believe you can, or if you believe you can’t: You’re right.”

    This quote from Henry Ford illustrates that beliefs have a strong influence on what you accomplish in life. Humans need beliefs to find their way in life. Your belief system is the map you use to come around in the world. It helps you to find out what’s important, how you can think and what you must do.

    On a deeper level, beliefs also determine your emotions: If you believe life has a meaning you will become curious and start your search for that meaning. If you don’t believe that life is meaningful chances are that you end up hopeless and depressed. Beliefs determine your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions. They can limit your potential, or they can be an ever present source of love and meaning.

    This workshop is designed to teach you how to explore your beliefs instead of ignoring them like a fish living in the water.

    What’s the program?

    This 120-minutes online workshop consists of three parts:

    1. We start with an introduction to the theme. I’ll explore concepts like belief, belief system, and frame of reference. The Circle of Change enables you to discover how much of your daily experience is predefined by beliefs.
      Beliefs can limit your mind our open it; beliefs determine how you think about the past, the present, and the future; beliefs define your own value and the worth of others; beliefs keep framing your life and its meaning.
      We will also explore the origins of beliefs as introjects and conclusions, as well as the “coulds” and the “shoulds” that create alternative realities, binding energy, separating you from living in the present.
    2. A second part is the exploration of beliefs as frozen energy structures within the frame of Logosynthesis® and the possibility to free the energy that’s bound in them. In this part, you discover origins of your belief system for yourself.
      You will also learn Logosynthesis approaches to address and resolve limiting beliefs.
    3. The last, practical part of the workshop offers you the opportunity to discover and resolve some beliefs that stand in the way on your life path, with the help of Logosynthesis. After the workshop you’ll receive a link to a video recording of the workshop, so you can repeat this part as many times as you like, thus constantly improving your coping potential.

    How will we work?

    This workshop consists of a presentation on beliefs from the vantage point of Logosynthesis® and exercises to explore and resolve limiting beliefs. Depending on the size of the group and the time available, there will be room for discussion – by chat or via microphone.

    Who leads the workshop?

    Dr. Willem Lammers, TSTA, is a psychologist, psychotherapist and coach for individuals and organizations. For many years he has led ias, a leading training institute in the field of work related counseling in Switzerland. Since the beginning of his professional development, Willem has worked at the boundaries of body, mind and spirit. He is trained in bioenergetics, transactional analysis, gestalt therapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR and energy psychology. He is an experienced lecturer and trainer. In 2005 he discovered the principles of Logosynthesis and since he has dedicated his time, experience, knowledge and energy to develop and spread this beautiful model.

    Who is invited?

    This workshop is open to all who are interested in knowing more about themselves. However, it is worthwhile if you are familiar with the basics of Logosynthesis, through personal work with a practitioner, from training seminars or from books about the subjects. If you have any questions about participating in this workshop, you can contact us through the contact form on this website. In preparation, we recommend Dr. Willem Lammers’ book Discover Logosynthesis®. The Power of Words in Healing and Development.

    How is the workshop organized?


    We work with the video conferencing service Zoom. You will need a (free) account, as well as an app for your IOS or Android device or a plugin for your browser.

    Please use a headset instead of the microphones and speakers built into your device to reduce interference as much as possible. A standard headset that comes with your cell phone is sufficient. With the confirmation of participation we will send you a link to connect to the workshop. The workshop will be recorded on video and you will receive a link to download the recording.

    Date and time

    March 4, 2021, 16:00-18:00 CET (Zurich, Paris, Vienna). The connection will open at 15:45.

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    Fee and registration

    The cost for this 90-minute session is CHF39 (about €36 or $44).

    You register by paying the course fee in Swiss Francs via this PayPal link with the note “O21.beliefs.”
    Please be aware that payments in other currencies will be refunded. A confirmation will be sent to the email address associated with your Paypal account.


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