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  • Our last contact with God was in the womb, at the time of conception.
    ~ Nandor Fodor

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    You’ve worked with a client for a longer time. You applied a whole array of EP methods and techniques to resolve one traumatic experience after the other. Your client’s state has improved, but a nagging insecurity, a dark cloud is hovering over the room, even a black hole. Something is deeply wrong and nothing seems to work. Sounds familiar? Then your client may be stuck in a conception shock, an unsuccessful transformation from Essence, Higher Consciousness, to life in this world of three dimensions in time.

    In conception, a father, a mother and Essence, your Higher Self meet to manifest a new human being, you. That being comes with a body, a mind and a mission for this existence. If your parents are willing, able and ready to receive you, if their energy is flowing freely in contact their own Essence, your entrance into this world will be smooth.

    However, many parents are unable to receive a child in love and joy. They are overwhelmed by human drives and needs, by painful circumstances in their environment. They suffer from trauma, fear, shame, guilt, grief, anger or rage. In such a context, conception can be a shock. In the transformation from Essence to the earth life system a part of the energy of the person-to-be is frozen in a traumatic split, locked in a black hole, disconnected from Essence and out of contact with people in the world. The Belgian psychiatrist Maarten Lietaert Peerbolte called this the ‘conception shock’, Nandor Fodor spoke about a conception trauma.

    Many people are living with the frozen remains of a conception shock in their energy system. They feel as if they don’t want to be here, as if there is no love for them in this world, as if life has no meaning, as if everything is overwhelming all the time. They don’t know why, they only sense that something is missing. The conception shock leads to a trauma that keeps overwhelming thinking, emotions and body sensations. In therapy, a conception shock is difficult to identify. You often discover it only because nothing seems to work on the level you’re able to access. The usual procedures for the resolution of frozen patterns in EP modalities don’t seem to apply to this phenomenon: It cannot be accessed by activating sensory modalities because it originated when those senses were not available yet.

    In the past few years I have developed a frame of reference in which this conception shock can be understood, and I also found ways to access and neutralize these limiting, even damaging energy patterns with the help of Logosynthesis. This one-day workshop contains a presentation on the conception shock with two possible techniques for processing this trauma. This day will help you to understand your own issues – as well as the issues of your clients – as possible metaphors for perinatal themes.